7 Types of Graphic Design Jobs + Their Job Outlook and Salaries

Are you in the thought of becoming a graphic designer but in the mix of which to opt for?

Keep reading as I show you 7 Types of graphic design jobs + the career Job Outlook and Salaries.

You might be shocked that all you ever knew about graphics designs was only at no 5.

#1. Ads Design

In marketing, graphic designers make ads look good.

They create things like brochures and digital ads. 

Graphic designers need to know about both print and digital design to do this job well.

Examples of Ads Design:

  • Brochures
  • Newspaper and online ads
  • Social media pics
  • Online ads
  • Emails design
  • Infographics


  • Picture makers (Illustrators)
  • Average pay: $57,990 per year

Future Job Demand:

  • This might change because more companies are doing digital marketing.

Graphic Design Jobs

#2. Place Design

Place design makes places more interesting. It uses signs and visuals to help people know where to go.

Examples of Place Design:

  • Signs
  • Office signs
  • Wall pictures
  • Stadium signs
  • Exhibitions


  • New designers
  • Drawing workers
  • Average pay: $60,400 per year

Future Job Demand:

  • More jobs in making cities better.

#3. Magazine Design

Magazine design makes things look good in print or online. It’s about making books, magazines, and other cool stuff.

Examples of Magazine Design:

  • Books
  • Magazines
  • Newsletters
  • Catalogs
  • Newspapers
  • eBooks


  • Page makers
  • Layout makers
  • Computer artists
  • Average pay: $47,910 per year

Future Job Demand:

  • Might go down because people use less print stuff.

#4. Moving Pictures Design

Moving pictures design is about making things move on screens.

It’s used in games, apps, and more.

Examples of Moving Pictures Design:

  • Video games
  • Apps
  • Animated pics
  • Ads
  • Texts that move
  • Internet ads


  • Moving pics designers
  • Average pay: $129,670 per year

Future Job Demand:

  • More people want cool videos and pics.

#5. Brand Design

Brand design helps companies show who they are. It makes sure everything looks the same.

Examples of Brand Design:

  • Logo design
  • Business cards
  • Company stuff
  • Business letters


  • Picture makers
  • Logo makers
  • Average pay: $123,000 – $212,000 per year

Future Job Demand:

  • Fewer jobs because many people can do this work.

#6. Screen Design

Screen design makes things look good on screens. It’s about making apps and websites easy to use.

Examples of Screen Design:

  • App design
  • Website pages
  • Game pages
  • Web page design


  • Screen designers
  • Picture makers
  • Product designers
  • Average pay: $77,962 per year

Future Job Demand:

  • More jobs because tech is growing.

#7. Website Design

Website design makes websites look good. It’s about making pages and choosing nice pictures.

Examples of Website Design:

  • Page designs
  • Home pages
  • Website hubs


  • Website makers
  • Average pay: $50,520 per year

Graphic Designer Salary and Job Outlook

As a graphic designer, your salary can vary based on factors like your position, employer, education, and experience.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the median annual salary for graphic designers is $57,990.

To thrive in this competitive field, you’ll need to stand out.

The job outlook for graphic designers is projected to grow at a slower-than-average rate from 2021 to 2031, with employment increasing by only 3% during that time frame.

How Long Does It Take to Become a Graphic Designer?

For most people, it takes at least four years to kickstart a graphic design career—that’s the time it typically takes to earn a bachelor’s degree. 

Below are the steps required to become a professional graphic designer:

#1. Get a Bachelor’s Degree (or Go through Alternative Training):

Most graphic designers start by getting a bachelor’s degree in graphic design or something related. 

You learn about graphic design history, software, storytelling, and typography.

Look for programs that are accredited to make sure you get a good education.

#2. Make a Graphic Design Portfolio:

You’ve got to show off your skills with a portfolio. It’s like a collection of your best work that you can show to potential employers.

Include samples of projects you did during your studies or any internships you did.

#3. Do a Graphic Design Internship:

Internships are super helpful. They let you work on real projects for real companies, which gives you hands-on experience.

Sometimes, internships can even lead to job offers or good recommendations.

#4. Think About Getting Certifications:

Even though you don’t need certifications to be a graphic designer, having them can show employers that you know your stuff. 

Look into getting certifications like Adobe Certified Professional (ACP) in different design software.

#5. Keep Learning:

Graphic design is always changing, so it’s important to keep learning.

Go to workshops, take courses, and stay up-to-date with what’s happening in the industry.

That way, you’ll always be ready for whatever comes your way in your graphic design career.


Graphic designers make pictures and designs for all sorts of things like logos, websites, and books.

They need to know about colors, shapes, and fonts to make things look good.

They use special computer programs to create and edit their designs.

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